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What is Drama NSW?

Drama NSW is the official, professional body which represents the teachers of Drama in NSW. It is run by, and for, early-childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary teachers, drama practitioners, and theorists. Drama NSW is affiliated with Drama Australia, and the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association(IDEA).

Membership is available to individuals, related organisations and institutions (schools, academic and arts institutions).

The Aims of Drama NSW

To promote the recognition of Drama in education as a valuable and valued part of education.

To encourage the study and development of Drama in education as a teaching method and as an expressive art form.

To assist teachers, students and others interested in Drama in education.

To promote these aims, Drama NSW conducts a wide range of activities to encourage and support the teaching of Drama throughout the state. It is actively involved in representing the needs of Drama educators in the development and implementation of curriculum and policy. It liaises with relevant organisations, particularly those related to education and the arts.

“Drama NSW is the official, professional body which represents the teachers of Drama in NSW.”

Drama NSW Life Members

Drama NSW acknowledges the leaders within our community who have provided outstanding service to Drama education in the state. These educators are always ready and willing to support Drama NSW and have demonstrated our values in an exemplary fashion.

Pauline Cain

Cate Cunningham

Oliver Fiala

Peter Gough

Debra Griffiths

Christine Hatton

Wendy Kon

Colleen Roche

Dianne Makenzie

Wendy Michaels

Mary Mooney

Jennifer Simons

Elizabeth Surbey

Brother John Thompson

Jane Simmons



Sonia Byrnes

Vice President Professional Learning

Tahnae Luke

Vice President Membership

Hannah Bamford

Vice President Communications

Brenton Fletcher

Vice President Business & Finance

Alisha Vigna

Vice President Drama Australia Liaison Officer

Tamara Sweetman

Business and Finance Portfolio

Michelle Casey

Professional Learning Portfolio

Belinda Farr Jones

Daniel Kavanagh

Advocacy Portfolio

Georgia Andreacchio

Christina Cox

Dan Jones

Gretchen Prowse

Communications Portfolio

Zan Cross

Paul Gardiner

Tara Graetz

David Quaglia

DALO Portfolio

Carol Carter

Ryan Whitworth


Marie Mitris (Drama NSW Administrator)

Drama NSW Committee

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