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Renaissance – NSW State Conference 2022

Friday, 3 June - Saturday, 4 June

The concept of a “Renaissance” speaks to notions of rebirth and enlightenment after a period of darkness. As we re-emerge from one of the most difficult periods in Creative Arts education, how do we move forward and reclaim our spaces and subject in order to reinvigorate our students, ourselves and our schools? What did teachers develop during the recent “Dark Ages” that will lead us into the future?

As we learn to navigate a world in which Arts education is a hybrid of learning online and in person, technology has become essential in the Drama classroom, leading to fresh approaches to teaching Drama. Our curriculum and pedagogical approaches to Drama education are also being re-evaluated.

For a long time, Drama education has championed many of the 21st century skills and approaches to education that our schools are looking to apply to all areas of student learning. As we enter into a renaissance for the Arts, Drama educators find themselves best placed to make links within curriculum, embolden colleagues to teach creatively and critically, and lead the way in developing best practice. We have a unique opportunity to work as a community to strengthen this position within our schools.

A renaissance is here. As we forge a path forward, how do we imagine a Drama classroom for a post-COVID world? As teachers and schools rebuild across the state, how can we build on our practice to reach new heights? What has emerged, what discoveries have been made, and what does the future look like in this era of rebirth? This year’s conference will inspire you to rediscover what may have been forgotten, reclaim what you know is worth fighting for and rethink what can be done in this new era of enlightenment. Together, we will lead this renaissance.


Start: Friday, 3 June
End: Saturday, 4 June
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